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WWETT Expo Education Day
Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show
Indiana Convention Center - Indianapolis, Indiana
Feb. 22 - 25, 2017
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WWETT Expo Education Day
Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show
Indiana Convention Center - Indianapolis, Indiana
Feb. 17 - 20, 2016
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WWETT Expo Education Day
February 23, 2015

Powerpoint slides from the presentations

Claude Gouguen - Research on Tank Deterioration
Dave Gustafson - Septage Processing Introduction - Working with an Engineer
Education Day Slide Show List
Joseph Zito - Hours of Service HOS Overview
Joseph Zito - Pre-Trip Inspections
Joseph Zito - Road side Inspection
Mark Unger - Research on the Impacts of Water Softeners on Septic Systems
Tom Ferrero - Introduction to Odor Control
Tom Frank - Analyzing Your Resources - What is going on around you is important



Kentucky Exposition Center
February 24, 2010

Dealing with Restaurant High Strength Waste

Presented by Bill Stuth, Sr, Aqua Test, Inc.- This session focuses on defining and how to handle High Strength Wastes.

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Sampling Protocols and Methods

Presented by Matt Lee, PE, Aqua Test, Inc.- This discussion informs individuals of the concerns when sampling points from advanced wastewater treatment systems.

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A Template for Keeping Your Employees Trained

Presented by John Nelson, Russell Reid, Inc.- This session discusses training new employees and keeping existing employees at a top notch level of expertise.

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What are My Disposal Resources and How Do They Fit?

Presented by Tom Frank, Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Company - This session focuses on how to look at your business niche, what resources you have available, as well as discussion on different starting places based on current business and where to go in the future.

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Treatment Processes, What is Out There?

Presented by Therese Wheaton, Crystal Environmental - This discussion looks are the different treatment processes, enabling the pumper to determine which ones to employ.

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Evaluating Costs as Part of the Decision-Making Process

Presented by Tom Ferrero - This session focuses on working your business plan to help you make decisions 'by the numbers'.

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Meeting Part 503 Requirements

Presented by Dave Gustafson, University of Minnesota - When you process your own waste you make a product that may no longer be septage. This session will concentrate on how this material is handled under Part 503 regulation. Additional information at

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Turn Grease Trap Waste Into Gold

Presented by Claude Convisser and Kevin Forrest - This presentation shows haulers how they can set up facilities that turn grease trap waste into saleable brown grease.

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Developing a Business Plan

Presented by Ron Mueller, Missouri Small Business Development Centers - Every successful business began with a good business plan. This session will develop a template business plan for disposal facilities.

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Kentucky Exposition Center
February 27, 2008

Responsible Management Entities

Presented by Dr. A.Robert Rubin - The onsite and decentralized solution is a permanent alternative to more centralized systems. This seminar will discuss options to assure sustainable management approaches are utilized at all levels. What the pumpers need to do to be ready for the future.

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Experts Review of ATU Operation & Maintenance

Presented by Dr. Bruce Lesikar - All wastewater treatment technologies require operation and maintenance activities. Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) have technology specific activities to assure oxygen delivery to the wastewater. “Tricks of the Trade” will be discussed to assess system performance. Assessment of each treatment process component will be described for determining operational status. Operational checklists guide evaluation and assessment of component function.

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A Visionary Review of the Agricultural Utilization of Septage

Presented by Stephen Rohm - There are new requirements to comply with if haulers wish to continue to land apply septage. Recent changes in Federal regulations and resultant changes in state regulations are requiring septage haulers to land apply their septage into the position of a “nutrient manager”. Topics covered include: Impacts of recent Clean Water Act changes on septage land application, TMDL’s and the watershed approach to limit nutrient pollutants, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service nutrient management requirements and record keeping for nutrient appliers, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service weather and seasonal land application restrictions for organic waste fertilizers and sources of information and guidance to comply with changes that affect the land application of septage.

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Why a Municipality Opens a SeptageTreatment Facility

Presented by Chris Buday - Grand Traverse County, MI is highly populated with residences that have onsite septic systems. Land application used to be the only disposal option available and this option was not always available due to rain, snow, frozen ground, and cropping issues. The County felt it was their civic duty to attempt to resolve this issue. This case history explains how they solved this problem.

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When is Septage really Septage?

Presented by Tom Frank - Residential, Commercial, or Industrial? When is septage actually just septage? What do I need to know before pumping any non-residential septic tank or holding tank? What steps can be taken to properly dispose of wastes other than residential septage like car wash waste, catch basins, holding tanks, process waters entering the septic systems, oil spills, into onsite systems. How do we as professionals handle and dispose of these wastes properly?

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How to Survive an EPA Audit

Presented by John Colletti - Federal regulations found at 40 CFR Part 503 requires those that want to land apply septage meet certain requirements. This seminar will discuss those requirements including: application rates, vector attraction reduction alternatives, pathogen reduction alternatives, pH adjustment and temperature correction as well as record keeping.

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EPA Management Guidelines

Should I be a Responsible Management Entity (RME)? — The EPA Management Guidelines present five model management schemes. Two of these management models use Responsible Management Entities to maintain systems. An RME does not have to be a utility. As an individual you may be able to fill the position of RME. Presented by Tim Frank.

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Disposal Options — Choosing the Best Method

Learn how to develop a business plan to treat your own wastes. The best method can be determined 'by the numbers' if you look at all your options and develop a business plan for each. Presented by Tom Ferrero.

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Operation and Maintenance Service Contracts

If the industry as we know it is to survive, it is imperative that we become proactive at providing service contracts to our customers. A model service contract is provided. Presented by Tom Frank.

Download the Operation & Maintenance Service Contracts Overview

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Introduction to Certificate Of Completion Inspector's Training Course

How your fellow service providers are using the regulations and NAWT's Inspector Certificate Of Completion training to develop a business model that performs comprehensive system inspections for real estate transactions and limits their own liability. Also, how one state, Arizona, developed regulations for point of sale inspections. Presented by Dawn Long and Dr. Kitt Farrell-Poe.

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