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NAWT Advertising Plan


October 2017 Volume X Issue 2
NAWT Strategic Planning, Request NAWT Training to come to your State!, OUR 8TH TREATMENT SYMPOSIUM WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!, Upcoming Trainings & Events


October 2016 Volume IX Issue 2
2016 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference, 8th Waste Treatment Symposium, Submit Nominations for the Excellence in Service Award


October 2015 Volume IX Issue 1
NAWT Education Coordinator Steps Aside, 2015 NAWT Hapchuck Scholarship, NAWT & WWETT Expo 2016, Submit Nominations for the Excellence in Service Award


December 2014 Volume VII, Issue 5
Pre-WWETT Workshops & Education Day Provide the Key to Better Education

June 2014 Volume VII, Issue 4
Pre-Expo Workshops Provide the Key to Better Education, 2014 Hapchuck Scholarship Recipient, NAWT Excellence in Service Award 2015

January 2014 Volume VII, Issue 3
Education Day Schedule Change, Pre-Expo Workshops, Officer Nominations


April 2013 Volume VII, Issue 2
2013 Treatment Symposium, Shoot-Out at the Expo, Design Course, Scholarship

January 2013 Volume VI, Issue I
Officer Nominations, Education Day at the Expo, Sate Association Breakfast, Shoot-Out


October 2012 Volume VI, Issue 4
Call for Nomination, Pre-Expo Education, Protect Your Groundwater Day, MOU Partnership...

July 2012 Volume VI, Issue 3
Public Notice, NAWT Name Change, Scholarship, New NM Requirements, Pay it Forward, Partner w DOWRA

April 2012 Volume VI, Issue 2
Pumper Expo & NAWT's Shoot-Out, Internship Completion, More on Hydraulic Load Testing, Insure with SeptiCover...

January 2012 Volume VI, Issue 1
NAWT Officer Nominations, NAWT at the Pumper Expo in Indy, Excellence in Service Award...


October 2011 Volume V, Issue 4
Excellence in Service Nomination, Hydraulic Load Test Standard, New Benefits...

July 2011 Volume V, Issue 3
Columbus OWS Summit Update, Introduction, Outreach Program, Scholarship...

April 2011 Volume V Issue 2
NAWT officers for 2011 elected at Expo, Dave Hapchuk wins inaugural Excellence Award, Land Application Workshop

January 2011 Volume V Issue 1
NAWT Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo training schedule


October 2010 Volume IV Issue 4
NAWT Fifth Annual Waste Treatment Symposium best ever!

July 2010 Volume IV Issue 3
NAWT Fifth Annual Waste Treatment Symposium set for Washington, PA

April 2010 Volume IV Issue 2
NAWT officers for 2010 elected at Pumper Expo

January 2010 Volume IV Issue 1
NAWT office nominations for 2010


October 2009 Volume III Issue 4
NAWT offers Education Day sessions at the 2010 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo

July 2009 Volume III Issue 3
Register for Waste Treatment Symposium, Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo, Schol  

April 2009 Volume III Issue 2 
4th Annual Waste Treatment Symposium, Vacuum Truck Training goes Online

January 2009 Volume III Issue 1
2009 Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship, 401(k) Plan, Member Benefits


October 2008 Vol II Issue 4 
NAWT 3rd Annual Waste Treatment Symposium

June 2008 Vol II Issue 3
What does Certificate Of Completion mean?

April 2008 Vol II Issue 2
Industry Awards given out to Worthy Recipients  

January 2008 Vol II Issue 1
EPA to educate homeowners with onsite outreach and public awareness effort  


October 2007 Volume I Issue 4
2008 William Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship 

July 2007 Volume I Issue 3
Onsite Installer Certificate Of Completion Professional training expands to a new level 

May 2007 Volume I Issue 2
NAWT provides two new training programs 

February 2007 - Volume I Issue 1
Banner Year for the NAWT Inspection Program