NAWT Training Sessions

Whether you are an experienced industry professional or just starting out in the business, you will find a great deal of value in the National Association of Wastewater Technicians introduction and inspections training courses. Your successful completion of the training will get you a Certificate of Completion as an inspector by NAWT, and you will be listed on a national registry of industry professionals for two years.

Training Brochure and Descriptions

Inspectors must complete a comprehensive onsite sewage treatment systems course covering terminology, treatment, tanks, construction methods, and application, or demonstrate competence in the field prior to qualifying for the inspector training program. Participants then must complete the inspection course and pass a rigorous exam to receive your Certificate of Completion. There are only a selected number of professionals throughout the United States and Canada who have successfully completed both courses.

The Certificate of Completion is good for two years.

Please click here to review the continuing education requirements for renewal

WasteWater Education 501

Septic System Design

Inspector Certificate of Completion Training Schedule

NAWT/UA Inspector Training
August 27-28, 2018
Casa Grande, AZ
Contact Aaron: 520-621-3691 or email
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NAWT/RETS Inspector Training
September 7-8, 2018
Arlington, TX
Contact Lauren: 817-678-6603 or email

NAWT/CPOW Inspector Training
November 15-16, 2018
Colorado Springs, CO
Contact Lisa: 720-626-8989 or email


Operation and Maintenance Training Schedule

  • NAWT/COWA O&M I – O&M II Training
    O&M I September 24,25 --/-- O&M II September 26,27
    City Hall 918 Obispo St, Guadalupe, CA
    Contact: Sean Hembree: 209-770-2062 or email
    Instructor: Dave Gustafson


    Soils Workshop Schedule


    Installer Training Course Schedule


    NAWT 2018 Renewal Training Courses

    University of Arizona – Soil & Site Evaluation for Onsite Wastewater Systems
    October 18-19, 2018
    Location: Cottonwood, AZ
    Contact Aaron: 520-621-3691 or email (must attend both days)
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    Inspection Certificate of Completion Renewal


    Vacuum Truck Technician Training Course Schedule


    NAWT Online Vacuum Truck Training Information

    Potential participants interested in Vacuum Truck Training should click this link to learn more and to register for the online Vacuum Truck Training course.
    Info: The Vacuum Truck Technician training course is targeted to those that own or operate a vacuum truck which is used to clean septic tanks, aerobic treatment units, holding tanks or grease traps. It is directed specifically at owners and employees who may just be starting in business and need a good solid base of information to work with to perform their daily tasks. At the same time this one day training provides a good refresher and overview for even experienced operators.


    Design Courses


    Treatment Symposium


    Train the Trainer Workshops

    These workshops are intended to train individuals to teach the “Certificate of Completion” program.

    Individuals interested in becoming NAWT trainers are requested to prepare a letter of request to the NAWT Education Committee Technical Chairman, Dr. James Anderson, that provides the following information:

    • The reasons for participation in this program, and your future role in training sessions.
    • Must hold a current inspector Certificate of Completion - having completed the existing course work
    • College degree or advanced equivalent courses.
    • Public speaking experience (degree or certificate)
    • Industry affiliation of at least five years
    • Or, in lieu of the above requirements, an individual can demonstrate equivalent experience and their ability to train to the NAWT Education Committee.

    Letters of request should be sent to Dr. James Anderson by email at Check with the NAWT office at 215-643-6798 for availability of training dates.


    Bring NAWT Training to Your State

    State groups desiring to host an education course should contact the NAWT office at 800-236-6298. Criteria for hosting an education course includes:

    • Ability to obtain a minimum size group of 20-40 participants
    • Locating a meeting room at reasonable cost, where persons can sit, schoolroom style. An example is a government training room, community center, or educational institution
    • Lodging for participants under $100 per/night with restaurants nearby
    • Less than a four-hour driving distance to the location
    • Providing additional mailing lists for use in marketing

    Please use this form if your local state association is interested in requesting NAWT sponsored training in your area.


    Typical questions on our training courses

    Why should I attend?
    You will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of septic inspections from experienced professionals.

    What if I haven't been in a classroom for years?
    Our training sessions are all done in a relaxed atmosphere and there are no trick questions.

    What if I can't afford to take 2 days away from my business?
    You can't afford NOT to. By furthering your education you are sending the message to your customers that you are committed to giving them the best service possible.


    Old Training Sessions