Maintaining Your NAWT Certificate of Completion

Once you attend your first NAWT Inspection or Operation and Maintenance Certificate of Completion Training and become a NAWT Inspector or Service Provider, NAWT wants you to maintain your Certificate of Completion. This is done by continuing education. For more information on the NAWT Continuing Education policies and procedures please read the following…

Continuing education

First, Certificate of Completion lasts for two years from the date of when you took your Certificate of Completion training. At the time of your anniversary date, you will be required to show that you have met the continuing education requirement during the two-year period. The requirement is to have 8 hours (1 day) of training on onsite wastewater treatment system subjects. You can submit your documentation any time during the two- year period (but at least 6 months after the Certificate of Completion or renewal date), and your Certificate of Completion will be renewed at the time of the anniversary date.

Continuing Education Courses

Below is a link to the list of upcoming courses that are accepted for Continuing Education Credits (CEU).
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Please note that you will have to provide NAWT with your renewal application form, certificate(s) of attendance showing 8 CEU’s and a $75 renewal fee.
Click here to complete the renewal form ONLINE.
Click here to download the renewal form.

Certificate of Completion Renewal Form

You can download the form that you must submit with your renewal application. DOWNLOAD (PDF)

So what counts towards Certificate of Completion renewal?

NAWT considers a wide range of activities and instructional topics to meet your Continuing Education requirements. They have approved hours that are related to onsite system inspection, installation, design, soil and site evaluation, operation or maintenance, and conference attendance – as long as there is a certificate or other proof of attendance supplied with the application.

Are there fees associated with Certificate of Completion renewal?

There is a credential registration fee of $75 for the two-year credential period when taking continuing education courses. The credential registration fee is included in the course registration fee for NAWT sponsored courses. Individuals will be invoiced prior to issuance of the new credential.

What happens if I don’t get my continuing education completed before my anniversary date?

There is a 1-year grace period after the anniversary/expiration date of the Certificate of Completion in which you can earn the continuing education credits necessary for Certificate of Completion renewal. You will not receive your Certificate of Completion until the continuing education credits are approved by the NAWT Education Committee. So, although you have a year to obtain your continuing education after your anniversary date, you will NOT be an inspector or service provider! Once the continuing education credit requirement documentation is submitted and approved by the NAWT Education Committee, the Certificate of Completion will be renewed with an expiration date two years from the previous anniversary date. After the grace period, you must begin the process to get your Certificate of Completion as if you had never taken the NAWT training.

Summary of NAWT Certificate of Completion Requirements

  • The requirement is to have 8 hours (1 day) of training on onsite wastewater treatment system subjects to renew your Certificate of Completion..
  • Renew only at the anniversary date.
  • There is a 6-month waiting period from the time of receiving your Certificate of Completion or renewal to begin accumulating continuing education credit hours. Sessions count as long as they pertain directly to onsite wastewater treatment systems. Proprietary sessions and business sessions will NOT be approved. The NAWT Education Committee suggests that, if possible, you request approval prior to the event. This will help avoid the situation where you get surprised after attending the event that it is not accepted. A subcommittee of three representatives from the Education Committee will review requests for approval.
  • Documentation of attendance is required through a certificate or some other official document or letter.
  • The credential registration fee for the two year period is $75 for any course used for continuing education.
  • You have a 1-year grace period after your anniversary date for obtaining continuing education credits. During the grace period, your NAWT Certificate of Completion credential is NOT valid, but will be reinstated upon successful completion of the continuing education approval. After the grace period, you must begin the Certificate of Completion process as if you had never taken the NAWT training.