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Fall 2022
Septic Smart Week - 2022 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference Save the Date - Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship - Trainings - Membership Renewal

Spring 2022
Septic Smart Week - 2022 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference Save the Date - Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship - Trainings - WtW Tools


Winter 2021
SepticSmart Week 10 year anniversary -- 2022 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference Save the Date -- Trainings -- Legislative Efforts with the NOWRA BOG


Summer 2020
Septic Smart Week -- Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship -- Trainings -- NAWT at the WWETT Show -- 2020 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference -- Mission and Board of Directors -- Septic Smart Week 2020


Winter 2018
President's Message, Septic Smart Week 2019, 2019 WWETT, Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship... where are they now?

Summer 2018
Septic Smart Week, 2018 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference, 2019 Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship, Trainings, What is NAWT up to?

Spring 2018
Message from the President, NAWT at 2018 WWETT Expo, Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship Recipients, 2018 State Association Breakfast, Upcoming Trainings, Septic Smart Week, Save the Date, 2018 State Association Breakfast (continued), NAWT in Canada


October 2017 Volume X Issue 2
NAWT Strategic Planning, Request NAWT Training to come to your State!, OUR 8TH TREATMENT SYMPOSIUM WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!, Upcoming Trainings & Events


October 2016 Volume IX Issue 2
2016 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference, 8th Waste Treatment Symposium, Submit Nominations for the Excellence in Service Award


October 2015 Volume IX Issue 1
NAWT Education Coordinator Steps Aside, 2015 NAWT Hapchuck Scholarship, NAWT & WWETT Expo 2016, Submit Nominations for the Excellence in Service Award


December 2014 Volume VII, Issue 5
Pre-WWETT Workshops & Education Day Provide the Key to Better Education

June 2014 Volume VII, Issue 4
Pre-Expo Workshops Provide the Key to Better Education, 2014 Hapchuck Scholarship Recipient, NAWT Excellence in Service Award 2015

January 2014 Volume VII, Issue 3
Education Day Schedule Change, Pre-Expo Workshops, Officer Nominations


April 2013 Volume VII, Issue 2
2013 Treatment Symposium, Shoot-Out at the Expo, Design Course, Scholarship

January 2013 Volume VI, Issue I
Officer Nominations, Education Day at the Expo, Sate Association Breakfast, Shoot-Out


October 2012 Volume VI, Issue 4
Call for Nomination, Pre-Expo Education, Protect Your Groundwater Day, MOU Partnership...

July 2012 Volume VI, Issue 3
Public Notice, NAWT Name Change, Scholarship, New NM Requirements, Pay it Forward, Partner w DOWRA

April 2012 Volume VI, Issue 2
Pumper Expo & NAWT's Shoot-Out, Internship Completion, More on Hydraulic Load Testing, Insure with SeptiCover...

January 2012 Volume VI, Issue 1
NAWT Officer Nominations, NAWT at the Pumper Expo in Indy, Excellence in Service Award...


October 2011 Volume V, Issue 4
Excellence in Service Nomination, Hydraulic Load Test Standard, New Benefits...

July 2011 Volume V, Issue 3
Columbus OWS Summit Update, Introduction, Outreach Program, Scholarship...

April 2011 Volume V Issue 2
NAWT officers for 2011 elected at Expo, Dave Hapchuk wins inaugural Excellence Award, Land Application Workshop

January 2011 Volume V Issue 1
NAWT Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo training schedule


October 2010 Volume IV Issue 4
NAWT Fifth Annual Waste Treatment Symposium best ever!

July 2010 Volume IV Issue 3
NAWT Fifth Annual Waste Treatment Symposium set for Washington, PA

April 2010 Volume IV Issue 2
NAWT officers for 2010 elected at Pumper Expo

January 2010 Volume IV Issue 1
NAWT office nominations for 2010


October 2009 Volume III Issue 4
NAWT offers Education Day sessions at the 2010 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo

July 2009 Volume III Issue 3
Register for Waste Treatment Symposium, Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo, Schol  

April 2009 Volume III Issue 2 
4th Annual Waste Treatment Symposium, Vacuum Truck Training goes Online

January 2009 Volume III Issue 1
2009 Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship, 401(k) Plan, Member Benefits


October 2008 Vol II Issue 4 
NAWT 3rd Annual Waste Treatment Symposium

June 2008 Vol II Issue 3
What does Certificate Of Completion mean?

April 2008 Vol II Issue 2
Industry Awards given out to Worthy Recipients  

January 2008 Vol II Issue 1
EPA to educate homeowners with onsite outreach and public awareness effort  


October 2007 Volume I Issue 4
2008 William Hapchuk Memorial Scholarship 

July 2007 Volume I Issue 3
Onsite Installer Certificate Of Completion Professional training expands to a new level 

May 2007 Volume I Issue 2
NAWT provides two new training programs 

February 2007 - Volume I Issue 1
Banner Year for the NAWT Inspection Program